My name is Lucy Grace and I am an online high school student in the northwest who has trouble with technology. I have two English Bulldogs named Olive and Gouda. I am a bad artist, but I try to draw anyways. I’m also a casual fan of some classic rock groups. I sometimes try my hand at photography; all pictures on this blog are taken by me unless I say otherwise. I have a particular liking for Italian food, hence the name “Literary Linguine.” My favorite genres of books are sci-fi and fantasy but I am branching off to other types of fiction also. As well as exceling at judging people from afar, I take pride in my ability to judge a book correctly by its cover (crazy right?) Although I cannot decide what my favorite book is, because there are TOO MANY to choose from, I can say that I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan. Boo you, Twilight series. I am a big believer in Netflix, it solves all emotional breakdowns related to bad book endings. One of my favorite TV shows on Netflix is  Gilmore Girls, and one of my favorite movies is Farris Bueller’s Day Off. Well, that’s about it for me!